What is an Aquaponics Siphon?

What is an aquaponics siphon?

An aquaponics auto siphon is a siphon that starts and stops itself because of the changing of water levels. You want water levels to rise so the nutrients can reach the roots of your crops, however, you need it to drain also or else you can get root rot. There are two current types of auto siphons used for aquaponics: a Looped Autosiphon, and a Bell Autosiphon. .

What system uses the aquaponics siphon?

The bell siphon is used for flood and drain aquaponics. Like we mentioned above you need the water to fill the growing bed so the nutrients can rise and reach the roots of your plants. When the siphon is off then the water level begins to rise. Once the water reaches a certain level the aquaponics siphon will kick on and a suction will form draining all the water out of your growing bed through your drain. When the water level decreases enough the aquaponics auto siphon will kick off so the process can repeat.

What parts make up the auto siphon?

Bell siphons can be made in different sizes and styles, however, this is the basic layout to all of them:

1. A vertical standpipe inside the growbed extending through the base of the growbed.

2. A larger pipe (siphon pipe) placed over the standpipe. The siphon pipe is freestanding and taller than the standpipe, and is fitted with an endcap. Additionally, the base has pieces cut out to allow free movement of water.

3. A small air tube to assist in breaking the siphon when the water level has dropped low enough. (optional)

4. It is good to use third larger pipe with many holes drilled in it. This acts as a strainer to keep our your growing medium from clogging your aquaponics bell siphon, but still allowing the water to reach the bell siphon. Water flows up between the walls of both pipes then down the inside of the stand pipe, creating the siphon.

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